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What is a Moissanite?

Moissanite is a new category of jewel having fire, luster and brilliance more than any other jewel in the world, including diamonds.

How is Moissanite Created?

Single-crystal Moissanite is manufactured through a patented thermal growing process which is time complex and time consuming, thus preventing mass production.

How many companies manufacture Moissanite?

Today, Charles & Colvard, Ltd is the sole source and global distributor of created Moissanite and holds patents for the manufacturing process itself. And Sanguine Industries is their All India distributor for the jewel.

Is Moissanite machine cut?

No, every Charles & Colvard created Moissanite jewel is produced within exact specifications and high quality control standards. Each jewel is hand-faceted by a skilled gemstone cutter to create its maximum brilliance and enhance Moissanite’s exceptional fire.

Is Moissanite available in all fancy shapes also?

Yes, though the favourite shape for Moissanite is round, it is also available in limited quantities in most of the fancy shaped cutes including: caslte, cushion, heart, marquise, oval, pear, princess, radiant, square brilliant, triangle and trillion.

Will Moissanite lose its luster over a period of time?

Never, Moissanites like diamonds are forever and come with a lifetime warranty certificates that they will never lose their fire, luster and brilliance. Second in hardness only to diamond, Moissanite is durable and tough.

Are Moissanites resistant to heat?

Yes, they have heat resistant properties superior to many other jewels which make them less likely to experience heat damage during jewelry repair because it survives extreme temperatures without altering color or compostion. Diamonds sublime at 1100c while Moissanites can withstand temperature upto 2500c.

How does Moissanite differ in other optical and physical properties from most jewels?

The following table illustrates a comparison chart of Moissanite with other famous jewels:

Emerald1.580.0144.8%7.5good to poor2.72
* except good in cleavage direction ** except twinned stones

Does Moissanite have a buy back?

Yes, Fiona – Fine Moissanite Jewellery gives its customers 80% buy back on all Moissanite Jewelry.

Do Moissanites need to be taken extra care for retaining their luster?

No, Moissanite jewelry can be used like regular diamond jewelry. Even continuous touch of water or soap shall not bring any change in the look of Moissanite. It can be cleaned the same way you would other fine jewelry. This is supported with the certificate of authenticity given with every piece of Moissanite Jewelry.

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