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It feels good to thank Papa on his successful carrier on last day of job, but it feels excellent when you say thank you with Fiona Solitaires.. :-)

- Rajendra Patil

I bought my first fiona moissanite ear studs and have been cherishing it everyday !!

- Hamida

I am a fan of fiona moissanite and have a huge collection of fiona moissanite jewellery!! Good thing is It passes off as diamond jewellery and I am so confident wearing it!!

- Nancy Sethi

I got engaged on 14th december 2013.After long deliberation,I told my boyfriend I don't want a blood diamond for my engagement ring.Then he surprised me by taking me to fiona moissanite showroom at bandra west,waterfield road.I was amazed by this moissanite gemstone which is so unique and beautiful.We finalised a heart shaped moissanite ring.I was feeling so good that I had found my engagement ring,which is a symbol of love and commitment ,void of any conflicting interest,threat to environmental degradation or child labour.I had found true love and freedom of any guilt.Thank you Fiona!!

- Meghal Shah

My aunt was travelling to London for a wedding and was very worried about carrying her jewellery and the problems related to custom declaration and fear of theft.I suggested her to buy fiona moissanite jewellery,which I have been using since quite some time,jewellery which looks and stays like diamond , jewellery at one tenth the price of diamond jewellery,I had shared my secret with her about Fiona,but she was my aunt,she has been thanking and blessing me since shes bought fiona moissanite jewellery

- S sharma

My husband and me purchased a beautiful three stone ring set in 18kt white gold.We loved it at first sight.The sales people were very polite and helpful to make us finalise our first moissanite jewellery purchase.We had so many questions to ask ,and they cleared it all.We feel so satisfied about our purchase.

- Rita Suri

Just wanna send out a big shout out to Anisha, who has been so amazing with helping me with deciding and designing my custom engagement ring. Best customer service ever! Will totally come back here again and buy more jewellery from fiona moissanite as my experience has been so wonderful! Thank you so much Anisha! :)

- Hitesh Chawla

Thank you Fiona Moissanite, it is BEAUTIFUL. I will recommend your products and services to everyone. You have been a joy and pleasure to work with. Talk to you soon.

- Evelyn Dsouza

A lot of these reviews are from people who just got their jewellery so I thought I would add my review in. I've had my wedding set for over a year and the ring is still amazing. I wear it daily and have never had any issues with the quality. It does need cleaning often because of all of the gorgeous details though ;)

- Kinjal Shah

A quick note before I go to work. I received the earrings yesterday and they are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! I love them. The size is perfect and I LOVE SPARKLE so these really fit the bill. I thank you and when I receive compliments on them I will tell anyone interested where to call.

- Shalija Nayak

She said yes Thank you Fiona Moissanite!The ring got delivered yesterday and she already said yes! She loves the ring.

- M Yusuf

I have purchased two rings from this site. I have no words to explain the beauty of my pieces, and the customer service. I researched Moissanite and other sites prior to my first purchase and again before my second purchase. I am now ready to purchase my third ring. I have compared Moissanite to diamond, quality to quality, beauty to beauty, it can not be beat. I will not trust my purchase to another site.Fiona moissanite is the only registered brand in India.

- Soniya Choudhary

We got the wedding band and it is gorgeous. Thank you so much for helping us with it.

- Harsha Sangharika

The ring arrived today. I want to thank you for everything you did to help, it is AMAZING, everything I wanted and more! It fits perfectly! I was nervous opening the box but I cried when I saw it! The band is so thin it looks stunning against the centre stone. The shine and fire is unbelievable it looks better than any diamond I've ever seen.

- Chitra Arora

I am so elated that my fiance decided to purchase my engagement ring from Fiona Moissanite. The ring is absolutely stunning and exceeded both of our expectations. Everywhere I go people take notice and are highly impressed! The say it's the most stunning ring and gorgeous "diamond" that they've ever seen! I appreciate the customer service from this company as well. My fiance planned a special day for our engagement, and he told me that that Fiona Moissanite worked with him and did a rush order on the ring so that he could keep his plans. I definitely would recommend this company for the rest of my life, because this ring surely changed mine. Thank you to everyone at the company.

- Zeal Dhruna

I am so excited!!! I'm really glad that I got to see what a moissanite looks like... they are beautiful stones! Thanks again for all your help! Even though our transactions have only been via internet, your team has been beyond helpful, patient, and so polite! I will definately recommend your website to my friend

- Maria Khan

This is my 2nd ring and I am in LOVE! Both rings are gorgeous and I get compliments everywhere I go. Thank you so much for the quality rings and excellent service!!

- Alpana Nahar

Received the parcel today... both pendant & earrings are SIMPLY MAGNIFICIENT, not only the stones itself but also the importance of the settings, it has captured lights from all different facet of the stone to shows its brilliances. All queries prior to purchase were replied promptly. Will definitely recommend to others to buy from your site, very safe & reliable not to mention unbeatable prices! WHY buy elsewhere when your parcel arrived at your door before you can even dream or think of it? SIMPLY BREATHLESS. A million thanks to your team of dedicated staff

- Mrs C Coelho

After seeing the movie "Blood Diamonds", we couldn't justify the wearing of diamonds. We love our moissanite, and feel so good about our choice. Thank you for your great customer service. All the best Fiona Moissanite

- Indu Iyer

Very satisfied with the fiona moissanite earring and FB 1ct stone! shines brighter than a Diamond and the price is amazing! no complaint whatsoever!

- Sonali Sanghavi

Received my wedding rings today. They are so very pretty and sparkle that is to die for. I know that my wedding will be the best when my man puts these rings on my finger. Thank you so much for your fast and couteous service. Yours Truly a Very Happy Bride to Be

- Mancy Sanghavi

Just want to recommend everyone this website! The ring is so amazing and it is everything I would dream and want! It is just perfect and so stunning!!!

- Jyotsana Shahane

I just received my Fiona Moissanite Pendant and I cannot tell you how thrilled and pleased I am with it's beauty and quality! This is the first time a I have bought from you and it won't be the last. It is absolutely stunning!!!

- Ruby Rehman

Just thought id drop you a line and let you know the ring arrived last week and it is AMAZING. I showed the girls in the office and they were floored, they were all very jealous of my soon to be Fiance' :) Thanks so much for all your help

- Mrs Nanda

I have given up using diamonds I use only Fiona moissanite jewellery!! So user beautiful and yet so affordable!!

- Smita Shah

My husband wanted to gift me a Diamond solitaire sinle line necklace..we went to a diamond jeweller..with the centre stone 1 carat and tapering..the costing came to to 27 lakhs, I was reluctant ,why spend so much and eventually lock it in a safe locker,we read about fiona moissanite and visited their bandra showroom,we were amazed to see the moissanite stone, we wondered why were we using diamonds all this years,we had a full on detailed discussion,compared it with diamonds on all parameters,and finally we knew,fiona moissanite is the best option,we bought a solitaire necklace and that too for rs 3 lakhs only,and I am so so happy,so many compliments

- Jyoti Gala

This was most definitely the best buy I've ever made. This Beautiful ring leaves everyone who see's it speechless! I would buy this ring 100x over because it is perfect! If you are not sure about this ring take the chance! It is gorgeous! If you have any questions email me and I'll tell you it every time. It is perfection.

- Mrs Rangwala

I bought a ring for my dad to give my mom as an anniversary gift and holy cow- it's amazing! It's a 1.1ct forever brilliant cushion cut solitaire. The cut and clarity outshine every diamond I a lot! It came sooner than expected too! Thank you so much FIONA moissanite.! I will be back in the future! Thank you!

- Biance Viegas

I needed to gift something that was beautiful,worthful,durable,looked expensive and yet affordalbe..i found it with Fiona moissanite jewellery I bought a pair of pear drop earrings and they were neatly packed ,and when I gifted the same to my niece,her joy knew no bounds..thank you Fiona!

- Ida Netto

I purchased a tennis bracelet of 10 pointers round shaped fiona moissanite set in 18 kt,and have been wearing it occasionaly,I am so fond of it and planning to buy one more tennis bracelt of marquise shape, I would recommend fiona moissanite to my friends,I am really thankful for the service provided by fiona moissanite,they also helped me with repolishing my other jewellery,they are so prompt and courteous..keep up the good work!

- Ritu Taparia

I had read about fiona moissanites so many times in newspapers and magazines,one day I was passing through their showroom at bandra and dropped to check the jewellery offered and their speciality moissanite stones,I was stunned to see the vast collection of the beautiful jewellery,I wanted to make my first purchase of fiona moissanite jewellery, the sales people were very helpful and they patiently cleared all my queries/doubts,I bought a ring with a 8 mm ie a 2 carat round shaped surrounded with smaller diamonds,set in 18kt. I was just waiting to surprise my hubby home,and he was like u have become too smart off been picking the right u fiona!! Love u hubby!!

- Aarti Chand

I wanted to flaunt a big stone which I could wear without any fear,which would sparkle and glitter,and at the same time not be too expensive,I ended up buying fiona moissanite !!

- Dipika Mehta

Beyond all expectation!! I just received the 3 stone radiant cut ring and it is GORGEOUS! I have seen the videos of moissanite and I heard how much it sparkles, but when I saw it for myself in real life, my jaw dropped!!! I cannot keep my eyes off this ring. The setting and the stones are beautiful! I cannot wait to propose on New Year's Eve to my long time girlfriend; I know she will love this just as much as I do! Thank you Fiona moissanite!

- Saluja Sharma

Can't take my eyes off of you I just received a 3 carat with side "diamonds" and it just takes my breath away it is so beautiful and just looks gorgeous on my finger. I am no stranger to diamonds and have two beautiful diamond engagement rings but I have to say that this stone is way beyond anything I could have imagined. I also have other moissanite pieces and they do not disappoint - but this is the place to go for all your moissanite accessories - they do not disappoint. Thanks so much, and Happy Holidays to everyone, I know this ring just did it for me!!! Thanks!!

- Jennifer lawrence

My fiance and I just purchased my engagement ring, we chose a beautiful 3 stone ring in the petite trellis white gold setting. We received it right on time and I was absolutely amazed by its beauty, brilliance, and quality. I love it so much and im so glad we chose to purchase a moissanite ring. It looks like the most expensive prefect diamond you've ever seen, and made my dream ring affordable. Im extremely happy with my ring and will definitely be purchasing my wedding band from fiona moissanite.

- Prisha Jhaveri

I wanted to thank you for getting the ring to me by the date requested. My fiance (now) and I were leaving on a special trip and I wanted to propose while we were there. Your prompt delivery made that possible and made us both very happy!

- Elavia Teshtar

This is my 2nd ring and I am in LOVE! Both rings are gorgeous and I get compliments everywhere I go. Thank you so much for the quality rings and excellent service!!

- J.Rawal

Love! Received my upgraded earrings this morning....FABULOUS, LOVE,LOVE LOVE THEM... THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH.You're the BEST !!! you ARE my " GO-TO-JEWLER "Will DEFINITELY be ordering from you again. THANKS

- Tamana

Visted fiona moissanite and found out their moissanites stones were matching all the qualities of a diamond and that too at one tenth the price,I got very excited,bought a tennis bracelet set in 18kt gold with 25 pointers round moissanites,it's a master piece,so neat setting,would recommend yourself to check them out


I wanted to gift something special to all my family members on my 60th bday,to thank them for being a part of my life and loving me so much,I wanted to give something which would be rembered forever,looked beautiful and was not too expensive,I ended up buying fiona moissanite jewellery and everyone was pleased..

- Mr Modhak

Having read so much about moissanites,I decided to visit fiona moissanite,I entered their showroom and clearly stated I was curious to check your products,the tall claim of being better than diamonds,the sales person handed me the fiona catalogue,he explained everything about the stone moissanite and their brand fiona,I was starting to get convinced, they were very patient,finally when they showed how it tested as a diamond on a diamond tester,I was pretty impressed,I bought my first moissanite ear studs,I gifted it to my mother,her eyes were gleaming with sparkle and the moissanite stones were her new best collection..

- K Mathur

LOVE IT!!! I got my new moissanite ring yesterday that my husband ordered for me and I am so happy with it. It is so beautiful and the sparkle is amazing!!! It fits perfect and is exactally what I was looking for. I can't wait to purchase a wedding band or earings next. Thank you for providing me with my dream ring while not having to break the bank.

- Mini Ajmera

I had lost my diamond ring of 3 carat, it was worth 15 lakhs. I was very tensed. I had the comfort of my husband but how do I face my mother in law, she would take notice of it. My friend suggested me to buy a fiona moissanite stone I bought a 3 carat stone of fiona moissanite 75 thousand and got it set the same way my earlier ring was no one could make out the difference , I am very thankful having found this moissanite stone, which is a good value for money and so so close to diamond

- Sharmeen

LOVE MY RING!!! My wedding set came a couple of days ago. It's absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see the ring we ordered for my future hubby. I'm having a great time showing off my ring. I contacted customer service a couple of times, both email and chat. They are awesome. Thanks!

- Anushka Kothari

Awesome All I can say is AWESOME. 1ct solitaire looks beautiful on my hand. Thanks so much for a beautiful bargain that I will wear for years. My forever brilliant sparkles like a high quality diamond costing near $5000 for a great deal less and I love that it came in 14K and sized perfect.

- Reema Sen

Yellow moissanite I purchased a 6mm round yellow moissanite and it is absolutely gorgeous !! The color is a light fancy intense yellow and it sparkles a ton! I think it even looks more like a canary diamond than the colorless moissanite looks like a colorless diamond! Although , even the colorless moissanite looks ver much like a diamond

- Urvashi Dholakia

In love! I just received my 3mm shared prong eternity band in yellow gold and I can not be happier. This ring really did exceed my expectations. I will definitely be a returning customer! Thank you so much Moissanite Co.

- Dewanshi Patel

OMG OMG!! My ring just came! It is absolutely perfect! I LOVE it! Thank you

- Gaurav Gupta

Exaclty what we wanted Thank you so so much once again. The ring came today!! So fast we couldn't believe it. We are both thrilled with it! Exactly what we wanted!! Kind regards till next time

- Rushil Mehta

My partner absolutely loved the ring! She can't stop smiling and has had people shower her with compliments already. She is now a huge fan of Fiona Moissanite. Everyone that sees it is asking how I paid for a ten lakh ring! Thank you for making our New Year.

- Esha Gupta

I wanted to please myself and I visited fiona moissanite. I bought myself a pair of moissanite heart danglers set in white gold, I got so excited and I fell in love with myself again!!

- Kanika Maheshwari

I'm in love with Fiona Solitaires

- Isha