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About Us

Moissanite is a new category of jewels having fire, brilliance and luster more than any other jewel, including diamond. It is manufactured by a patented process by the company Charles & Colvard which is the sole source of Moissanites to the world. Fiona Moissanite aka Sanguine industries are the all India distributor for these jewels.

Co-founded in the year 2003 by two brothers Mr Saurabh Agrawal and Mr Parag Agrawal,Fiona Moissanite now ranks amongst the top 3 distributors of Charles & Colvard created Moissanites (out of a total of 15) in the Asia Pacific region in terms of sales.
After building up a strong dealer’s network all across India in 4 years of distributorship, Fiona Moissanite envisioned the need to reach to the end customers which could be done by creating an exclusive brand for Moissanite Jewelry. It therefore launched its brand FIONA® – Fine Moissanite Jewellery which is the first ever registered brand for Moissanite Jewellery in India. FIONA® moissanite aims at quenching the thirst of a woman for wearing solitaires, which otherwise is considered as a luxury, by converting it into an affordable luxury. FIONA® moissanite will give its clients an unbelievable option to make everyday fashion jewelry and party wears giving a very expensive look to create an impact in social events, at much lower cost.

We understand that the discerning consumer is looking at beauty, durability and affordability of a jewel. CZ (Cubic Zirconia or American Diamonds) doesn’t rank too high on beauty and appearance and loses out on durability, while natural diamonds lose out on price. But,Moissanite is a winner on all three counts! Another feature of FIONA® moissanite that helps in garnering consumer share is the certificate of authenticity and warranty that Moissanite jewels will maintain their brilliance and fire for the lifetime.

With a team of skilled laborers and experienced design experts, FIONA® moissanite delivers a remarkable finish in its jewellery. A combination of its exclusivity of design and finish with the high dispersion properties of the jewel, FIONA® shall give it customers the satisfaction of adornment and beauty.

“Diamonds are forever but Moissanites are for every moment and for everyone” says Parag Agrawal Director of Fiona Moissanite who believes that everybody should have the right to access luxury products and we shall provide the right means to achieve them.